About Us


You are about to embark on what may be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You are either just starting or continuing your athletic education and training in competitive age group swimming. You will experience the thrill of doing your best, it is exciting when eager athletes learn, prepare, compete and continue to improve in competitive swimming.

I know this very well.  I started swimming over 45 years ago, and have been involved in teaching swimming for the last 25 years.  Although teaching and training methods change over time the fundamentals stay the same:  understanding water, knowing traveling shapes, increasing breath control and maximizing propulsion while minimizing counter productive drag forces allow eager athletes to excel in aquatic competition.

Golden Phoenix Swim Team teaches the fundamentals and much, much, more. Our approach to teaching utilizes what I call Sense, Practice & Learn. It is a method, it has rules, and it gets results. The system is designed to make you a champion swimmer.


Golden Phoenix Swim Team promotes and encourages through purposeful activity the education and training for swimmers to reach their highest potential as both a student and athlete. Our teaching system is principle based, goal oriented, action packed and enables athletes to keep getting better. Our training program is designed to ensure a life time of participation in aquatic activities and a deep appreciation for the sport of competitive swimming. Each athlete will benefit from the lessons learned through our innovative training, professional coaching and our commitment to ensuring a safe, complete, competitive swimming program.


Building Athletes, One Breath at a Time.


  1. Educate athletes in swimming technique and athletic systems.
  2. Improve athlete’s awareness, self-image and confidence.
  3. Improve athlete’s fitness, technique and race preparedness.
  4. Recruit new athletes into the sport of swimming.