Picking a Swim Team?

Hello to all parents who are searching for swim programs for thier children.  GPS has a simple goal, be a great service for developing age group swimming athletes, we train in Golden, CO.

For everyone who joins our swim team, we believe how you learn to swim is very important. Swimming is a sport in which athletes are measured by their ability to get from one place to another in less time than their competitors. Athletes derive a great deal of beneficial exercise and mental stimulation in the process of learning, training and preparing for competition.

It is essential to understand that if you’re swimming, you are actually getting from one place to another, either at the surface or underneath the water, efficiently, energetically and with graceful motion.

So you want to be a competitive swimmer? What are the requirements? The participant must have an athlete’s perspective, a willingness to be coached,  determination and willingness to give your full 100% attention, a positive healthy work ethic, an attitude of gratitude, and a healthy lifestyle with regular habits of studying, eating, training, and sleeping.

Gold group prerequisites: Attendance 4-6 days a week. Drill 100 yards of all four strokes, racing dive, flipturns and 100 IM

Red group prerequisites: Attendance 3-4 days a week. Drill 50 yards of all four competitive strokes, flip turns and 100 IM

Black group prerequisites: Attendance 2-3 days a week .Drill 25 yards of at least 3 competitive strokes & can stand in shallow water.