2016-17 GPS Swim Team

Hello swim team parents!   I am amazed that the 2016-17 season will be starting soon enough. First practice begins Monday August 29th thru Thursday Sept 1st, 4:15 -6:15 pm . We will not have practice on the Friday Sept 2nd or Monday Sept 5th, enjoy your Labor Day weekend! Practice will resume Tuesday Sept 6th. Remember that Fridays pool time is from 3:30 -5:00 pm in your pre planning.

Super excited to begin a new season, look forward to continue working as a team exercising your conduct lane organization or CLO skills.  Athletes will learn progressive swimming component skills, swim racing skills  and quality opportunities  to rehearse whole swimming patterns. Coach wants a purposeful and action packed athletic experience for all GPS athlete’s each and every session.

Our program is developed to reward swimmers for meeting OUR criteria of success. To us, success equals improvement. Rather than focusing on winning, or comparing one swimmer to another, we provide swimmers with incremental goals in all of their events, BASED ON THEIR INDIVIDUAL LEVEL OF ABILITY. These goals encourage our swimmers to focus on improving their times, and to swim all events, rather than specialize at an early age.

Picking a Swim Team?

Hello to all parents who are searching for swim programs for thier children.  GPS has a simple goal, be a great service for developing age group swimming athletes, we train in Golden, CO.

For everyone who joins our swim team, we believe how you learn to swim is very important. Swimming is a sport in which athletes are measured by their ability to get from one place to another in less time than their competitors. Athletes derive a great deal of beneficial exercise and mental stimulation in the process of learning, training and preparing for competition.

It is essential to understand that if you’re swimming, you are actually getting from one place to another, either at the surface or underneath the water, efficiently, energetically and with graceful motion.

So you want to be a competitive swimmer? What are the requirements? The participant must have an athlete’s perspective, a willingness to be coached,  determination and willingness to give your full 100% attention, a positive healthy work ethic, an attitude of gratitude, and a healthy lifestyle with regular habits of studying, eating, training, and sleeping.

Gold group prerequisites: Attendance 4-6 days a week. Drill 100 yards of all four strokes, racing dive, flipturns and 100 IM

Red group prerequisites: Attendance 3-4 days a week. Drill 50 yards of all four competitive strokes, flip turns and 100 IM

Black group prerequisites: Attendance 2-3 days a week .Drill 25 yards of at least 3 competitive strokes & can stand in shallow water.



Finding our Groove

Here we go athletes,  soon we will begin the  important work that you as athletes and teammates will be working on: the ability to communicate positively and efficiently.  We must agree that the focus is on how and what we are ”paying attention too” while at swim team practice.

The answer is simple, swimming of course. That will be our job, practicing as a team, creating  a healthy groove. Where the collective fitness level for everybody increases, all strokes are improving, and more importantly the increase in all of our  athletes quality of movement in the water .  These three things are all components of becoming fast swimmers.  Swimmers always  bring water bottles to each and every practice, your swim bags with snorkels, goggles and your awesome attitude of course.

Hello Athletes and Parents

Welcome athletes, swimmers and thier parents.

This blog is about the Golden Phoenix Swim Team, established in 2010.  We are a  USA swimming club, CSI team code GPS-CO, and are located near Golden Colorado.  Short Course Season tryouts begin in Mid- August, practices are held at Golden Recreation Center, season runs till May 15th.  Golden Phoenix Swimming encourages it’s athletes to compete in the summer leagues and return in the fall for further development and gaining more race experience.

Coached by Dietrich Lawrence